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LinkedIn = Staffing

LinkedIn = Staffing

And just the fact that recent research has shown that 94% of social media employers in the US are looking for employees through this platform, proves that LinkedIn is the most widely used staffing tool in the world.

LinkedIn members create a detailed professional profile that resembles a resume. They can also join online teams for people who share the same interests and goals.

In a sense, LinkedIn has revolutionized the way human resources departments work. Not so much in the final stages of the process, but at the ease with which employers and candidates from all over the world come into contact. In particular, for employers this instrument can be a very important and substantial “aid”.

Here are tips from experts to get the best out of what the digital recruit … LinkedIn:

Use existing networks: The first step to hiring through LinkedIn is to search for your partner’s acquaintances. If, for example, you are looking for an insurer, ask your insurers to investigate and update their links at LinkedIn. The good thing is that you can expand your network with friends of friends. Someone may not be happy about his job, or know someone who may be interested in the position you offer.

Transfer the traffic from LinkedIn to your website. The more traffic, the more business opportunities. Why not use them? LinkedIn visitors can be directed to your site through group discussions, and you can post something on LinkedIn that you have on your website and whoever sees it and wants to read it is directed to it. Also, if you want to invest, you can take advantage of LinkedIn pay-as-you-go applications that allow you to precisely target the audience you want.

“Take your self and your company. You should keep in mind that LinkedIn is not just a database but a social networking tool. This means that as you see the profiles of others, so others can see yours. Make sure you always be up to date and connected to other social media you use.

Join groups. It’s one of LinkedIn’s free networking resources. You can join groups of people who share the same interests and exchange professional opinions. In addition to networking with a new world, LinkedIn says it will understand better things for candidates, including their interests and the fields they are specializing in.

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